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Your Sanctuary of Wellness and Nature



Embrace Tranquility at Sanctuary of Wellness and Nature

In partnership with Mandala Retreats Kim Boi, a serene oasis nestled amidst the lush rice terraces and mountains of Northern Vietnam, we embarked on a creative journey. Through our lens, we sought to capture the essence of relaxation and wellness that the retreat embodies. Our goal was to highlight the resort's diverse amenities and stunning natural surroundings, despite the challenges we faced during the shoot.


Key advantages:

The picturesque location of Mandala Retreats Kim Boi provided us with a breathtaking backdrop that made it easy to capture beautiful visuals. The lush green rice terraces, majestic mountains, and serene ambiance of the retreat were naturally photogenic, requiring minimal effort to make every frame look stunning. Additionally, the friendly and cooperative staff at Mandala contributed significantly to the smooth execution of the shoot. Their enthusiasm and professionalism, combined with the joyful presence of our actors, created a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that translated well on camera.


Challenges faced:

While the location offered numerous advantages, we encountered several challenges during the shoot. The cloudy weather presented a significant obstacle, as there was little sunlight to work with, and it even rained on the first day. This limited our ability to capture the resort in its best light. Moreover, the tight filming schedule posed another challenge. We had to efficiently manage our time to film and photograph the extensive range of amenities and activities offered at the retreat, ensuring we did not miss any critical aspects.

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